Frankfurt Express

Lifelike + Lionel + Yota = Frankfurt Express

"WHO'S AFRAID OF...FRANKFURT EXPRESS? There is an essay "Rock music as we know it has finished, so what will happen now?" That's unfortunately not easy to answer, but if you check somewhere beyond the top 40 you may see that something really interesting is happening: there are French bands like Daft Punk, Justice, The Rapture, Alan Braxe, Digitalism and... Frankfurt Express. The man behind his Emulator II computer instrument meets Swedens sweetest voice to bring you one of the most original project of 2009. Let's say that if the multi-platinum producer Trevor Horn would have his own new project, it could definitely be Frankfurt Express. But what the hell could their music be? Frankfurt Express are: Lionel & Yota."

Frankfurt Express -  Wake up
Frankfurt Express - Living a lie


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najs najs!

2009-04-19 @ 01:27:02
Postat av: Anonym


2009-04-19 @ 21:17:31

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